They’re Right

Today has been a rather low day.

I get the feeling this is the mild calm before the storm, unfortunately for me my gut feelings are never wrong but their flaw is they don’t differentiate what is going to fall apart, but it’s going to be something big.

If only I could just up and leave it all… Well, I can to tell the truth, all I need is a plan and a place to go where I can fall off the known grid and just become a nameless face in the crowd.

Yesterday I was looking at a link, a joke as it were. It was a post telling you how a certain type you used to favour as a child could describe you, considering these things are often wrong i thought I would humour it and take a read, 2 popped immediately to mind so I thought I would look at the first and then the second as they sprung up without prompt in my head. I wondered how wrong they could be, but that wasn’t the case… this time they go it was right.

What did they say?

“You’ve peaked. While you used to be top dog, you’re glory days are behind you. You need to accept that the past is past, and begin to take a good, hard look at what the future holds for you.”

The second had these words of wisdom…

“You feel misunderstood. You’ve been spurned so much by people not seeing the real you that you’ve all but disappeared from the world around you. You need to remind yourself that there is no special scope that allows people you for who you really are. If you want people to see what you’re truly made of, you’re going to have to show them yourself.”

I can’t deny that these sum me up perfectly. While there were lots of other potential choices I didn’t read them and went straight for my top pick and my close second.

Time catches up with us all and it’s time to move on and leave it all behind.





… I’m not well.

The sheer volume of thoughts and endless possibilities that have run through my head in the last 24hours has proven that to me. Each thought was more horrid than the last and they all end the same way, but which one is the most logical, that’s the conclusion my brain hasn’t come to yet.

Feeling backed in to a corner again isn’t a welcome feeling. ¬†The jackals are surrounding me, but they will soon find out a cornered fox is more dangerous than they know.

… I’m not well, I need help because normal people don’t think this way.


Innocent smiles of an unknowing child

So unaware of the world they live in

Protected from it all

Until time takes its toll

No longer the innocent smile

Only the bitter face of reality remains

We grow old and always wonder

Where did it all go wrong?