Young Lovers

It’s just like watching a movie unfold before my eyes.

He tells a joke, she laughs uncontrollably. The baby on the table next to them drops it’s toy and smiles gloriously as the young girl picks it up and hands it back.

It’s just like you would picture it.

I wonder what their story holds in future scenes, because invariably there will be the third act twist. Will he have had a girlfriend all along, will she fall in love only to be jilted like so many before her or maybe, just maybe she will be the one to break his heart in two…

What a story that would make.

He would struggle to prove his worth, taking on all the challenges to win her back and then in the end they would end up together and live happily ever after. Well, at least that’s what books, movies, plays and satires would have you believe. Sadly real life isn’t like the movies, not matter how much we wish it was.

It’s there for them though. They share a tender moment, each starts to let down their guard just that little bit, just enough to show a glimpse of what lies beneath. Just enough to show the other that once the initial flurry or emotion is gone there’s still more to know.

I think that is our problem really. We hold back too much, or not…

It’s a tricky situation it has to be said. Do we drop the guard and expose it all for the fear of rejection, or do we keep little back until the time is right. Decisions decisions.

My advise to these two would be to live for the now. Give everything you have, but not everything you are. Hold just enough back so that the ones who are worth it will know that they’re different because they get to see it all. It is only my hope that these two who’s story unfolds before my eyes both feel the same, otherwise like the great play that is life someone is going to get hurt because someone has too.

The universe demands balance.

Life itself depends on it.

Too much of something and we’re overwhelmed, not enough and we fail to thrive, as with everything there needs to be balance, it has to be just right otherwise nothing works. ¬†Or at least that’s how I see it.

It’s Coming

It’s coming

Each second it gets colder as it draws ever closer

It’s coming

Not making a single sound all you can do is pray

It’s coming

Long cold slender fingers are placed on my shoulder

It’s here

There it was, right before my eyes, the face of the end.