What interesting company I have in this strange new place.

Considering I’m in a place that is meant to be the besting heart of stress itself I find myself soothed by it. For the first time in a while I don’t feel out of place, but that could be because I’ve been distracted from my depressive and anxious thoughts for the most part today.

One thing I have noticed is how everyone ¬†looks so much older than they are around here, but that’s the effect of living the fast paced life. The body ages prematurely but the mind doesn’t, oh no, the mind if anything regressed in many of the people I can see. They are living like they did in college, but if they’re happy what does it matter.

To be happy in yourself is something I wish I still was, but I guess not all things are meant to last. Maybe these next few years are meant to be a daily grind, maybe I’m meant to learn something from all of this, but don’t ask me what because if I knew then I wouldn’t feel the way I do or be in the place I’m in.

Patience and frustration are my company, I best get used to them.