Screaming Rage

The kids scream cuts through me like a knife through warm butter.

Everyone sat around me looks away as not to make eye contact with the screaming brat of it’s mother.

The outbreak was caused because she had denied buying it sweets after they leave the surgery.

Each scream is louder and louder. It makes my blood boil and my rage build. The staff are now beginning to gather and watch this unfold, the scowl at the child and look disappointedly at the shameful mother as she does nothing to stop its fit of anguish, despite the judgemental staring of the group the child continues.

It screams about how it is not fair that it can’t have what it wants. Pulling papers from racks and throwing magazines from the table, the child creates a scene to intimidate its way to success.

I feel my fists clench, my jaw tighten and my focus sharpen, then it happened…

I snap.

Forcefully keeling down and looking the child straight in the eye I scream at him with a thunderous anger. The surgery gasps in awe, the mother sits silent and shocked, the child… the child starts to well up but he is met with nothing but blind rage as I myself start screaming at him.

I do not know how long I spent screaming at the child but when I had finished a deathly silence echoed throughout the entire building, no one dare approach me.

With tears in her eyes the mother grabs the boy and stutters out “I’m sorry he upset you.” pulling the child close to her chest she runs out of the surgery. I slowly stand and can feel a thousand eyes all staring at me, but not one of them has the courage to speak to me, instead they all shrink in to the furniture.

Sitting down the rage has left me.

With an ever endless string of thoughts tangled in my head I hold back tears.

I am losing control. I struggle to keep it together when even the simplest of things go wrong and this is a very dangerous place to be because I no longer care for the consequences of my actions. This place I am in is so dark, I fear if I stay here much longer I will forget what it’s like to be bathed in the light.

I need to get to the people who can help me soon.

I can’t take much more.