The Line

We do like to wait in line.

Looking at all the people starting to take their place is fascinating. They are all so different to look at, yet they all have the same goal. I guess one could say they’re not that different really but then again we do surround ourselves with people that are a reflection of our own self image so I’m not too surprised.

The hustle and bustle of face paced life has some of the line rushing to go nowhere, almost as if their problems or worries won’t still be waiting for them on the outside. Then you have their opposites, the ones who meander in and take their time as if they have not a care in the world, it’s funny to see.

All the different people who are uniquely individual but ironically the same, all be if for their attire.

So why do we all like to wait in line?

What makes it so appealing to everyone. Why do we all adhere to this rule? Why do we conform when in the days of yesteryear we cried out to be different?

Why indeed.

Students, Lawyers, Doctors and more. They all join the line, they all follow the rule and for the briefest of moments they all accept they are equal.

Only briefly though.


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