Always The Monster

I find the silence comforting. It speaks to me in a way that only I can hear and what it has to say is beautiful.

I’ve noticed that I again have been labeled as the monster. The one who causes the pain when all I’ve done it what’s best for me, but perhaps that is because they don’t really know me the way they thought they did.

After spending countless hours trying to explain there no longer seems any point, my words are lost on the wind.

The chain placed around my neck weighs nothing compared to the burden I have on my back, I’m sure the extra weight won’t make that much of a difference, after all… If I cannot stand I can only fall to my knees and be crushed by it all, but regardless I will stay the course until I can once again feel free.

Like the creation of Frankenstein, i will always be the monster.


4 thoughts on “Always The Monster

  1. Who exactly is deeming you a monster? because as far as I can tell the only person that see’s a monster is the one looking back at you. The thing about monsters though is they were made to be conquered by the minds and hearts of man. I suggest you reassemble your mirror and beat down your personal monster.

    My brother isn’t a man I consider weak but he seems to want to wallow instead of overcome.

    You’ll lose everything and you’ll be happyish for a time…but only a short one.

      • You’re exactly who I know you to be, you’re just at the lowest ebb. If I’d known this was going to happen when I met you on the Smith machine I’d still take the same path.
        You are my family, I’ll wait however long for you to come round. Take your time.

    • You’re a good man. One who’s far better than I.

      The fact that I have been refused help, even when I walked in to the office covered in blood they still didn’t care. They are so afraid of action they procrastinate, but tonight we shall see how thy react when they witness the depths of my madness first hand.

      There will be tears and through blood I will make them understand the place I’m in.

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