Look Away

What is he staring at?

Why won’t he look away?

I don’t recognise him, but the face is familiar yet I am still unsure of his intent.

His eyes are dead, not one ounce of emotion can be seen.

Why is he staring at me?

What does he want?

His eyes are locked on to mine, I can feel my patience beginning to fade. It’s like a battle of wills, neither of us will look away. Is it because of foolish pride I can’t look away? What ever the reason it doesn’t matter because I’m getting angry. Who is he to think he can stare at me that way without saying a word.

I snap.

Losing control I throw a straight punch towards his smug face, he too throws one at mine. I connect, as does he.

Pulling back my hand I look down to see splinters and shards of glass embedded deep in my knuckles, but his face is no longer there, all I can see one of his eyes. It still holds that look, that dead look… that sad look.

I wonder what he saw from his side of the glass.

All I see now is 7 years bad luck.