I used to turn headsSaid the woman across the hall

With a look I could kill

Many a man would fall
Now though I’m old and grey

I can’t make any look 

Let alone make one stay
Look at me now

A sad lonely miserable cow
What happened? I got old. 

People Never Listen

A rather large round woman is sat across the way form me complaining how she struggles to loose weight.

Even though I am devoid of any emotion, my intellect is still intact. This is a dangerous thing… She is say pouring 3 packets of sugar in to her hot chocolate and eating a muffin. Is there any wonder she looks the way she does.

I bite my tongue as she continues to moan and bitch.

Eventually she notices me attire. I know what is coming, I am silently begging her not to speak to me, not to ask me the inevitable question I know she will ask.

“Excuse me.”

I smile and look up reluctantly.

“You look like you’re in to fitness. I struggle to loose weight, what can I do?”

My head spins with a thousand words. I could say so  much. I could give her the anecdotal advice she wants and appease her need to validate her current physical condition or I could scold her with the harsh truth and shatter her.

Keeping a logical mind I simple smile and say “Move a little more and eat a little less refined food.” then I ace my headphones in and return to my work.

Seemingly dissatisfied with  my answer she beckons my attention again.

“I don’t eat that much and I’m on my feet all day, do you think I have a thyroid problem?”

I have no patience for these silly games. I decide to tell her the truth.

“You’re sat eating a muffin and drinking a hot chocolate with 3 packets of sugar in it and you wonder why you’re not losing weight?”

Her face drops…

“I could tell you what you want to hear, I can even tell you what you need to hear but none of it will matter because you won’t change a thing about your life. The simple answer to your problem is to find out what is really important to you. How you look or how you feel. Personally I don’t care if a person is skinny, fat, muscular or whatever. If they are happy and I mean truly happy within themselves then they won’t care either. Perhaps instead of look for answers externally you should first look internally, then you might understand.”

It’s safe to say she didn’t ask for my opinion again.

I feel so frustrated by this world. People need everyone else to fix their problems, or seek answers for questions they don’t understand. If only we would look in to ourselves first then half of our problems would disappear.

The rest of today shall be spent in isolation, no one else needs to feel the cut of my sharp tongue.