To be devoid of any emotion is strange.

It’s like being stood in the rain yet not feeling a drop touch your skin.

You try to muster anything. Be it anger, jealousy, hate or love, but no matter what you try it doesn’t matter because there is just nothing there.

You’re surrounded by emotion everyday and still none of it touches you.

One benefit of living in this void is the clarity of thought it provides. Answer to questions you had wondered for years suddenly become clear, choice becomes easy, life becomes revealed.

To understand we must slip in to nothing.

It Can End Only One Way

In the grand scheme of things those of us like you and me just don’t stand a chance.

Struggle and strife is our language and we speak it well.

There is no need to explain to those who understand what we say, they re saying the same. No more words need to be spoken, there is nothing left to say, we are the few.

We are the few who see it for what it is and realise that it just doesn’t matter, in the end we’re not going to get out of this alive anyway.