Am I Wrong?

It seems that we are free to make choices as long as it’s what everyone else wants.
I have received much scolding for my choice because it’s one people disagree with… It’s not the ‘right’ choice apparently. It’s a selfish choice, but then again, aren’t all choices selfish.
I’ve been told that my tenacity and drive to get what I want is what draws people to me, but as soon as they are not what I want, I suddenly become the monster.
Ironic really.
That one quality they admire so much is the one that they resent the most in the end. All because I was true to my nature, I must be the one in the wrong, as always. 
Is it wrong of me to want what I want?
To desire more. 

To want to be more.

To always look for more.

To need to feel like it’s my choice rather than my necessity.

To be me.
Is it wrong of me to want to be me?