Inner Turmoil

On the outset I seem like a normal person.

Young, carefree, slightly vain and ever so confident, but there are  voices clashing in my head.

The rage uncontrollably.

That blank stare across my face with dead eyes hides a storm.

“You never LISTEN!”

He takes a stance with open hands.


Screamed with open arms and clenched fists.

“Why can you not understand. Why can you not see what you have. Why won’t you listen.”

Preparing… waiting… watching.


“Why must you break everything you touch.”


Charging forwards in a fit of rage with one arm drawn back ready to strike, he comes charging in head first.

“It seems you still don’t understand.”

Gracefully avoiding every rage filled attempt at striking, melancholy begins to lose patience.

“If this is what you want then fine. I will make you listen with these two hands.”

All it took was one swift strike it splits rage in two with ease. This battle had been won by the lesser of two evils for now.

This is what goes on in my head every minute of everyday.

Melancholy is my champion. So far it has kept rage, desperation, paranoia and oblivion at bay. For how much longer it will win is not known, there have been times he has faltered and another emotion has taken control but my champion always regains the edge, for now at least.

Now, if you look at me with a blank expressionless face you will know what goes on in that head of mine.

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