My Favourite Emotion

There are a lot of emotions that one person can experience, but of them all I favour one without question.

Anger is by far my favourite emotion.

It’s raw essence speaks volumes about the bearer and their true feelings, nothing else will ever give you a more true sense of a person and what they think. Everything comes to the surface, and I mean literally everything.

Over the years I have had my fair share of altercations that have been fuelled by this emotion, each time I have learnt a great deal of things and never looked back on my decision once presented with that long awaited information. There has only been one time that a persons reaction cut me deeply, the rest merely highlighted what I already suspected.

It was one of my very first dealings with the emotion of anger that lead me to look in to its psychology and how it works, while I still have a lot to learn about it, one thing that is clear is that it’s the most honest emotion we possess.

Why regret what is said in anger? You’re only speaking the truth after all, and no matter how much you deny it it’s still the truth.

We are often wrong about a  great many things, mainly because we want to believe most of what we are told that is governed by one of our other emotions, this can leave you confused, at least with anger you know exactly where you stand. It cuts through all the bull shit, it tells you what you need to hear with no holds barred and that  is why it’s my favourite emotion.

I wonder what your favourite emotion is?

Will you share it with me…