Even in the deepest depths of nature you can find WiFi these days.

As I sit under this solum tree writing away I notice my WiFi access connect. i have no clue where it has come from as there is literally nothing industrial for at least 1000m, but here I am, blogging from it.

It’s nice to sit in peace an quiet with nothing more than a couple of books. Admitted they are on my kindle but sometimes needs must. If I was to actually carry around all of the books I have on here it would make Milo’s bull look once again like a calve.

Reading is one of few escapes we have left in the world.

I personally don’t go much on fantasy, drama or anything that isn’t considered ancient. I have found that reading books that help me learn are the most stimulating because they allow me to open my mind. It’s easy to appreciate why people like such great books such as the Harry Potter series but they just don’t hold much for me, which is a great shame because I can appreciate the creative genius that is behind them but I just don’t see the point in wasting my time with something that isn’t real.

To know what fascinates people with stories isn’t hard to understand, especially given the dull and dreary events of daily life. After all, there is only doom and gloom on the news, work is filled with rivalry, bitchiness and rumour and even the home is filled with jealousy, malice and spite most of the time. It’s no wonder people want to escape this world so badly. However, you can only escape for so long before you have to return, therefore why not return with something that can make your life that much easier.

Knowledge is a dangerous thing. It can fuel great things or bring down entire empires, but the best part is we will never know it all and for me that is what makes it all worth while. To know everything would mean to be perfect and to be perfect would mean you can no longer grow. This would then mean you’re finished, your evolution is at an end and the only thing left is oblivion.

Perfect is a flawed word. I hate it.

Luckily for me I will never be perfect, luckily for me I will always learn.