Subtle Couple

The sit in the same place everyday.

Drinking the same order of coffee.

Talking about the same things.

They look like a normal pair of friends, both with different wedding rings, but it’s not what you can hear of what you can see that really tell their story.

If you really look you will see their subtle glances, not making direct eye contact for longer than a second but it’s long enough to see what they really think of each other. They may be friends externally, but behind their eyes and buried deep in their souls they are so much more. Their body language says comfortable rapport, but the nuances say a great deal more.

Passion, lust, desire… All their emotions that can’t be spoken rage like an uncontrolled fire.

Even they way they hug is different from what you wold expect from ‘friends’. They gently put one arm around the other but it’s that split second before contact that the rush to make contact, pull each other close, but not too close. If it wasn’t for the glimmer of white knuckles you wouldn’t be wrong in seeing nothing more than a gentle good bye hug, but there is so much more.

The rush of colour to her cheeks as they connect. The flaring of his nostrils as he basks in her scent. The widening of their eyes and dilation of their pupils as they break from the embrace. It’s all there.

They are more than friends.

They are more than lovers.

They are the envy of the world.

They are one soul.

But both are married… Each walks to their respective partner and their children with open arms, but the contact is not the same. The look is different, the connection isn’t there yet they stay out of loyalty. They stay because they make the other happy, even though the last glance you will see as they look over the shoulder of their spouse at one another, every time.

I do wonder how long each marriage will last, because even though their souls seem to be joined on a much deeper level that many will understand or see they will never be together.

They missed their chance.

All they have now is the weekly meeting outside the coffee shop and their unspoken look of love that endures.

I guess there really are selfless acts in this world after all.