Same Old Same Old

The surroundings are different, the people are the same.

Young woman enviously looking at ‘young mums’ wishing they had a child of their own. The question I would ask though is do they want a child because they are excited at the thought of being a parent or is it ┬ábecause of social pressure? Perhaps they simply want something to love them unconditionally, something that will always need them and depend on them even in to its adult days, or maybe I’m just being cynical.

I can only judge based on my experiences and they all lead to mentally unstable people wanting something they can call their own. Wanting a sense of propriety and purpose because without theca child they have nothing.

Over the years I’ve watch many people greedily have children, after all there is no true selfless acts in the world.

On the other side of that coin I see the elderly who have had their children and watched them grow and have babies of their own. I can see the look in their eyes as they reminisce the good times and all their ┬ámemories come flooding back from times when they themselves were new to the world of parenting. Their stories aren’t all sunshine and rainbows though. I’ve taken he time to speak to elderly couples and elderly people on many an occasion, they’ve all said the same things all be it in different ways. None have any regrets about having their kids, but none of them would choose to have them if they have their life a second time over… Such statements speak volumes to me.

To me when people say they wouldn’t choose to have children again if they had their time again says that while they have lots of happy memories they lost something far more important in the trade. Maybe this is why our parents and grandparents will always say “Travel while you’re young, don’t waste your life.” they know what it means to sacrifice what they could have.

As we grow up we literally have nothing stopping us doing anything, but we choose to but up barriers. We choose to make excuses and find reasons why not to do something. I see children in the same light.

If i ask someone why they want children there is never a definitive answer, maybe the don’t but feel they should. After all, isn’t that our very purpose on this earth to reproduce and ensure the survival of our race?

Who really knows any more.

The surroundings are different, the people the same. All with forgotten dreams and a life that they settled for.