That Look.

I know that look.

That smile and the glimmer of curiosity in your eye. Lust calls to you, for you don’t quite fully understand what is sat in front of you. While this unknown is not frightening it still ┬ábeckons to be explored, it’s those eyes… They’re so familiar.

Brimming with the confidence of youth men will fall at her feet. It’s no surprise really, beauty is always magnified in the confident, especially when they don’t play on it and let their essence shine through.

I became lost in the conversation as did she. It wasn’t long before her superiors called her back to work.

We all love the attention, even if it’s never going to be anything more. To feel desired no matter the damage that lays beneath is comforting, but when people learn the truth everything changes, it helps preserve the boundaries and lets them know where they stand.

As I leave and bid farewell to the staff I catch a glimpse of those eyes and that smile… So familiar, yet they hold nothing over me for they are the eyes of someone who would be crushed by the weight of my troubles. I have enough to keep going, I don;t need anyone else.


It’s amazing how anger brings out the real essence of a person.
It would seem my cores heart is filled with rage and contempt for everything & everyone in this world. Yet I know I will be told to ‘calm down’ because I’m simply upset and don’t really mean what I’m saying, when in reality I just want to watch it all burn.