It Closed.

I find myself in the midst by suffocating people, the drain the life from all that surrounds them.

My patience wears thin, avoidance is the easiest course of action. After all, you can’t argue with idiots because they simply drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

The world used to be filled with colour, now all I see is a dull grey, shrouded in the mist of depressive tendencies. How dreary I do sound. My recent state of mind has been echoed in this blog fro quite some time now, what was once filled with raw emotion and perspective is now nothing more than a black whole that devours all the light around it.

I’m sorry, but I’m not apologising to you. Oh no, my apology is a selfish one. I’m sorry for me, for letting this take over, for not having the strength I needed to do what had to be done.

What a mess.

I loath this world so much now. It has nothing to offer me except bitter disappointment and reality, I think I preferred it when I couldn’t see it for what it was, to see people for who they really were… I would much rather live in the ignorance just like everyone else but that door is forever closed to me. My eyes have been opened and I hate what I can now see.

We are being overcome by the chaos, it’s tipping the balance.

There is so much we refuse to accept, so ¬†much suffering that we care little for because it doesn’t effect us. We only care when it suits us or makes us look good, we are such hypocrites. I am such a hypocrite. I hate myself, the self pity disgusts me but it’s all I’ve grown to know recently. Oh my friends, I wish you knew how I understand you so well, but I just don’t care for your problems, but then again you wouldn’t want the truth from me anyway.

The truth… No one wants it, but it’s always there.

What is my truth?

I am everything that’s wrong with the world, but at least I can admit it.



You’ve grown so thin.. So weak… So frail.

Is there anything left that once was I do wonder? Possibly, possibly not but it’s none of my concern anymore anyway. Though I would be lying if I was to say that I didn’t think about how you were each time you accidentally cross my sight.

I wonder… do you ever wonder about me?

After all, you make a great effort to head in the other direction when I appear in yours.

The Lonely Lady

The random lady sits alone as she does everyday, pretending to be on her phone. Speaking so loud as to grab the attention of the room, almost as if she has to prove the point that she is not alone…

It’s quite sad really.

My nature calls for me to engage and speak to her, but I know that she will latch on to the attention on I will never be left in peace. I can’t subject myself to that again, despite how sorry i feel for her any and all attempts to make her feel better would be done out of pity, no one needs that.

I feel sorry for her, but there is nothing I can do. Her life in this world is short and she seems to have a small comfort in her routine, even if it’s all an act. At least it keep her happy, or so she would have you believe. I’m sure her story is just like every other, but it’s still hers and she can fill the final chapters how ever she likes.

Huh, it’s raining again. It always rains when I’m sad.

Sight Beyond Sight

There are millions of people in the world and every single one of them sees something different overtime they open their eyes.

So wake up to beauty and wonder, while others find ruin and rubble but you’d be surprised to find out what the fcae behind the sight holds. Just because you see someone live in luxury it doesn’t mean that’s how they see it, their outward possessions might be seen as a prison or a gilded cage. Much like the poor people who live in the slums, they might not see themselves as poor because the understand the value of what they have.

No two pairs of eyes will ever capture the same moment, nor will the experience the same feeling so remember what you see isn’t always what it seems. Learn to look past the initial and always seek to see that which can’t be seen.