Drifting Fairies

The fairies are drifting on the wind

They dance, play and hide as they might

For all the time we look away

They follow us just out of sight

Protecting every step we take

Watching over our shoulder

Stopping us before it happens, before we get hurt

The fairies are drifting on the wind


To be made happy by absence or even the memory is rare, but when you see all you’ve gained from what you’ve lost you appreciate it so much more because you realise that what you have is yours because it chooses to be. That my friends is what leads down you to the road of true happiness, just don’t look for more because in doing so you will become blind to what you have and lose it.

I enjoy these moments of clarity.

Each moment is more poignant than the last but it is soon filled with a sense of relief and elation because I finally understand the lesson. I am not afraid to say some lessons it has taken years to unravel, there are even some that I am still unclear and confused over, I believe this is what makes people bitter though they’re not actually bitter they’re just confused because they still can’t answer their own questions with anything other than what they can’t see past.

Small Truth

There’s one thing that people don’t know about me.

Despite the rage, pain, disappointment and everything else it  makes me happy to see it. It makes me happy to see the one thing that confirms they did right by them.

We could see it, if we were but to accept.

Though it was fated that that which was would never be it still gave the gift of a precious lesson, it is from that lesson we can learn and look deep inside, past the walls and through the courtyards to the main chamber.

It is there we find our soul.