We Don’t Need You. 

God it Gods?

Depending on your belief you may have many or just one, but they all have something in common. They want to take everything from you in exchange for their benevolance, yet given the start of our world I have yet to see their favour.

If you look you will see nothing but darkness, maybe this is the result of following in the light and for as long as you blindly follow you will forever be trapped in the shadows unable to escape. 

We have no need for God(s) who only take. 



We are governed by our emotions, or at least I would be wise enough to say I am, using my logic to justify my raw desire. That’s the way it’s always been, the way it will always be because we are creatures of emotion and to separate ourselves from this would mean we lose our humanity.

There are teachings that we should not fall victim to these such emotions and be benevolent in our ways, but by who’s decree?

A book… A book that is nothing more than words on paper written by someone with the same sins as you or I.








The 7 sins of mortals.

The 7 things that give us our unique personalities and characteristics.

The 7 reasons life is so beautiful.

To banish these from your soul would make you nothing more than an empty shell, embrace you sins and use them so that you may live and be free of the tyrannous rule bound in the pages.

Be free.

Ironic Care

If something happens that is out of our control the first thing we all seem to do is run to the aid of the situation and say “I’m sorry I couldn’t….” the ending will vary depending on the situation but the underlying message is the same. We are not upset because of not being able to do anything, but because we feel we’ve failed as a person because things went wrong and by association we will be tarred with the brush of blindness.

People will ask the common “What happened?” and after telling the story thousands of times, each time with a larger sense of anxiety, we fear being judged because we couldn’t do anything. Thoughts begin to spin as we desperately try to read the minds of our inquisitors, all while trying to preserve our self held image that we are a good person and feel terrible for not being able to do a god dam thing.

In an attempt to save our image we adopt the role of the victim, when in fact we are nothing more than a bystander.

Ironic really, we live under the guise of the caring and doting person who always tries to save everyone but lacks any of the power, then when everything falls to pieces we rush to it’s aid in the hope of salvaging our image under the banner of ‘I feel guilty because I let you down.”… What utter bollocks.

We do not fail people when their life falls apart, what happened happened and there is nothing we could have done to have prevented it, it’s that simple. While we might actually care we do nothing about it until it begins to effect our own inner world and our externally perceived image.

We care ironically when it suits us or at least when it makes us look good.