Low Again

For the briefest of moments I felt normal, but this only lasted mere moments before the cold sting of reality found its way to me once again, leaving me on a low ebb.

I’ve learnt I need to stay away form reflective surfaces, seeing my self leaves me in this disgusted mood and wanting nothing more than to disappear.

It’s funny that when things seem to start getting better you take a step back to have a look and realise they are no different and that nothing has changed. This seems to be the cycle, low-moderate-okay-lower than before, it’s such a pain. Even when you try and explain to people they don’t actually understand, they think of their own agenda and tell you how it will hurt them and those around you instead of trying to place themselves in our position.

While it is true actions have consequences is it not everyones right to do as they choose?

I will do what I want, nothing will deter this because, as so many people say – “It’s my body.” though I find it funny how that can be acceptable for people to say when the timing suits them.