“Listen and learn.”

As the dark of night sweeps across the sky, all light fades and the shadows come alive.

What is that you hear rustling in the trees?

What is it you hear whispering in your ear…

The unknown makes you heart race, your sense sharpen and puts you at the height of physical peak, but you still can’t see what is coming for you. You rely on your sight, you forget to feel the energy around you and subtle breaks in the flow of thinly spread air.

You forget your place.

You forget your secrets.

I cannot see for I have no eyes. I do no need them. My senses are beyond yours in every way, they have been moulded by that why you fear for I embraced it, welcomed it with open arms and now it belongs to me.

You thrash and flail, hoping to strike something, anything, but you efforts are wasted for I cannot be touched, not by you, not by one who ignores their nature.

Do you know what I am?

Do you know what I want…

Few have ever seen me, many more call me a myth, a fallacy, a simple trick of the mind or a story to frighten children at night but I am real. I am here, waiting, watching, always and forever for the moment you lose your focus and fall from your path. Once you do, control will be mine and you will be nothing more than a memory in my shadow.

“I, will never be a memory.”