Which One?

Out of every group of friends we have the cool one, the funny one, the talented one, the good looking one, the endearing one, the intelligent one, the stupid one, the ugly one and the jealous one but which are you?

Depending only our group of friends you place will change, it doesn’t matter which one you thin you are because in the end you will be them all at some point indoor life.

How we are seen by our friends and even the public has a great influence on how we feel. How we align ourselves is akin to our alleged values and morals, but these change on a daily basis if we will be open our minds to admit it. The heart and the mind are fickle things, they can change the allegiance ¬†on a whim to coincide with what makes for the most reward, but this isn’t really being who we are, this is living through our ego because after all, we are only really the sum of our ego.

The ego is fragile, it will do everything it can to protect itself, but while it might come across that it is a force to be reckoned with the reality is that more often than not it’s ways scared… scared of dying.

I came across a video and saw another side of a persons character, or perhaps I should say their ego. Finally they are close to achieving what they want, that trophy and all the glory that goes with it, little do they know what is beneath the finely finished veneer is nothing more than rotten wood filled with maggots and decay.

Sadly for them I have already seen it, a truth they would never admit, nor would they accept because once you see a persons true self, once you see their ego you will know what they really are and run a thousand miles to escape the hurricane coming towards you.

My ego is far from complicated, it’s main concern is survival, not saving face or preserving image but survival. If it can’t survive one way it accepts that loss, makes its excuses and plans how it will one again rise from he ashes. I am trying to let it go but it fights to hold on, each day is a struggle but I wonder what will be left when the ego finally does die?