“I will share all my secrets with you if you can tell me why i stare at the stars every night.”

Spoken with a soft tone that was easy to slot in to its surroundings. The dim light of the flickering flame of the candle gave just enough light for her to catch a glimpse of his true self, while only brief it was there, buried deep and forgotten in the day to day routine.

Their chatter is varied as always, it has its routine as with anything. Each time they get the chance to converse it moves from memories of recent events to infinite possibilities and finally to a more open view of what it all means, this is their routine. Just like the seasons we pass through during the course of ┬áthe year, it’s always the same but there’s comfort in the familiar, it’s safe there.

Sometimes searching for that which we recognise is what helps us feel at peace, it helps us lower our guard for a short while and feel secure in the fact that there is no danger; at least for now anyway. It is not a sin to look forwards to these moments… Yea, safe.