My my my… There are lots of young parents around these days, children having children and playing house, at least for the first 6 months until it all fall apart.

Cynical as it may sound I had the pleasure of being surrounded this morning by 5 tables worth of these fledgling parents and their offspring. While they were all proud of their new accessory they had no idea what they had let themselves in for. One of the mothers went to the toilet child in arm and returned child less.

Yep, you’ve guess it. She had forgotten her baby and left her in the toilet.

A couple of minutes went by and neither she nor her friends had even noticed she was without her child. Taking it upon myself to return the forgotten accessory to its owner I wandered in to the unisex toilet to find the baby led on the changing board quite happily staring at he ceiling, though it might not be my place ot say, there was something not quite right with that child.

Cradling the baby I wander over to the group, what happened next shouldn’t of surprised me int he slightest.

“Excuse me, I believe this is your daughter.”

Turning around with a look of sheer disgust for interrupting their conversation the mothers eyes widen with terror. She snatches the child from my arms and literally pulls it close to her bosom, then scolding words are spat at me…

“OH MY GOD! How dare you touch my child.”

Screamed at the top of her lunges as if to convict a phedophile.

People from all over the shop come rushing over to see what the commotion was about. The judging eyes of her fellow rabble bore down on me, as did the eyes of everyone else in the coffee shop.


It was at this point I lost control and my composure disappeared…

“You miserable little cunt.

You left your new born baby in a fucking toilet!

People like you should never be allowed to have children. Your are the dregs of society, a crack whore who decided to fuck her way though life so she could have something that would give her a free meal ticket, a house and all the benefits that come with it. You’re so pathetic you needed to have a child so that something would love you because anything with a mind of its own will see that you’re nothing more than trash that needs to be expunged from this world.

You dare to speak to me that way when all I’ve done is help return your child to you?
The child you seemed to forget about while you sit here with your friends and pass weed under the table to each other, you pathetic little girl.

You my dear are not fit to be a mother, I can only pray that darwinism prevents you from having any more kids.”

I ranted for what must have seemed like an eternity, each bout of words dealing a hefty blow and each once cutting deeper than the last. I couldn’t stop myself, I wanted to break her… I wanted to make her cry.

The room was left in a cold silence.

Tears flooded to her eyes but no one shed to console her, they all knew what I had said was the truth.

I was angry… So very angry at everything and this young girl had to endure the eruption of emotion that had been boiling for so long.

She broke down in tears. I had achieved what I set out to achieve, but it left me feeling empty and unfulfilled. What I had said could not be taken back, it could not be unheard and I could no longer return to this place. In destroying this girls fragile ego I had shamed myself and left a mark on my soul that is shared by the cruel tyrants of the world and all of this happened because I wanted to destroy something.

Woe to the conquered.