Hair as white as snow
Eyes of electric blue
Her beauty hides the malice she does not show

Only every other word spoken is true
The ego does flow
Her company has no clue

Men gather for the show
Living trophies
They all appease her rampant ego

Her smile is fake, her eyes lonely
She stares at me
This beautiful girl called Sophie

Nowhere to hide because I can see
Everything you hide can’t be hidden from me.


There are plenty of people who claim money didn’t change them, nor does it change anyone. It merely makes people more of what they are and for this I can agree, money will make everyone more of what they are… But what we are is not what we think.

If you have nothing you want more
If you have a little you want more
If you have enough you still want more

Such is the way of the human condition.

We always want something, money being fairly high on people priority list, even if they claim it isn’t. To truly have nothing provides you with more wealth than you could realise, but wealth of coin leads to madness and paranoia because all people fear losing what they have.

No exceptions.

If given the choice to have more, would you take it?

That depends on your character I guess. To be offered more but realise what it would mean to accept is a rare insight to have indeed. I’ve been offered more several times but I know it would change me, thus I refuse.

People would call me foolish, self righteous and prideful and maybe they’re right, but at least I can be honest with myself and come to terms with the fact that I would fear to lose what little I have as it is, have more to lose would only serve to further increase the mental strain of the world and for that I am happy to let anyone ad everyone else have more, because, in the end we are not what we have or ever what we’ve lost, we are what we have now.

I have everything I could ever want.

A Caring Mother
A Loyal Brother
A Loving Partner

Yea, it’s enough… They’re enough for me.

To want for more would mean losing what I already have and it’s not worth it, it’s never worth it.