Today I was in a place I had never been, surrounded by people I didn’t know yet I was accepted by anyone and everyone. It was an eye opening experience, little did I know that my wanderings had lead me to stumble upon Brighton Pride.

People of all race, religion, gender and sexuality came together and said;

“Fuck You! We are who we are and we’re happy.”

Not one person was held in contempt, judged or ostracised, instead they were accepted and left to their own devices. If only the world could be a more open place, perhaps we would not have the problems we do. While this thought is a welcome one, it is one that will never come to fruition because as long as their is wealth, religion or politics there will always be a struggle for power.

Power is what people want… Along with stature and everything else that comes with being ‘better’ than everyone else… to be idolised and appreciated of their acknowledged… for their power.

Or perhaps they simply want to be accepted and power is the only way they think they will get that acceptance?

Who knows…

I can’t delve in to the minds of these people despite how much I would like too.

What made the kings of old seek out new lands to claim as their own, or castles to conquer to prove their power and worth, what made them slay their fellow man all for that which they already had?

Was it a divine command, a strategic calculation to remove opposing threats before they arose or maybe it was just simply a self righteous feeling of entitlement? I guess we will never know, but those days of old followed humanity through time and are still very present today, we are meant to have evolved, but in reality we’ve stayed the same and merely changed our surroundings from castles, wooden shacks and trees to sky scrapers and concrete jungles.

The world is meant to be free yet that couldn’t be further from the truth. Our reality is that we are as we have always been, a civilisation of war, born in the blood of the fallen and raised in the malice of the damed and sustained by the screams of the victims.

Pride is meant to show equality, freedom and what the world could be if free from tyranny and inequality, but like many other movements it too has become a law unto itself, protected by the very laws they stand against… The irony is bitter but very real.

After all, it’s very name is one of the 7.

To accept everyone as equal would be to accept that everyone is different, and to accept everyone as different would mean the death of the ego… and the death of all ego would mean the loss of everything that make people so uniquely individual, funny huh?

That is why things will never change.