The Man

After reading the report my enthusiasm has been depleted, the simple want to just give up is all the more appealing but as with many times before perseverance will win out and I will continue down this uneasy road. After all, what’s the point of doing something if ti’s too easy.

The hardest part is struggling to conform to methods that are sorely outdated and hold little relevance in the real world, people are taught how to pass exams not how to succeed at life and that is where it all goes wrong. Education was once the foundation and was meant to establish your knowledge and skills so that you could progress through life and use what you had gained in those formative years, but now it seems to have gone backwards.

I have seen many people have all the knowledge on paper and display that they can meet the needs of the board, but very few of them ever show me that they have the ability to progress past the point of which they are already at. Try as I might to give them the benefits of experience so that they may avoid the same mistakes it counts for nothing, the Man has it’s way and it is set in stone and there is little change because it worked so well in the earlier years of its conception, no thought to how the world has moved on, no thought to how it’s grown.

The ominous Man demands adherence, conformity and the relinquishment of free will… This is where I struggle.

To blindly follow without question is the fate of slaves, this is not acceptable to me. There needs to be growth otherwise there is only stagnation and eventually extinction, just like the dinosaur those who fail to adapt and grow will never be more than they are now, nor will they ever be.

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