Fallen From Grace

I bumped in to an old friend today, while the experience was pleasant I could see there were a lot of troubles swirling in the depths of her eyes. She had fallen from the pedestal she once pitched proudly on and was now nothing more than a common gutter snipe… It was a shame to see.

As we reminisce the days of old I encourage her to open up and explain what path her life is now on, she reluctantly begins to open the gates and lower her defences, not long after this the tears began to fill her eyes and she let it all out. Sharing each and every story of misfortune in great detail I learned that she hadn’t broken free from the desolate past she once had, in fact she had now become consumed by it.

Now this is not the first time I have seen a person succumb to the overpowering despair of drugs, but it was one of the saddest. To watch someone who had it all, to be secure and somewhat comfortable lose it all and be rendered a smoking husk of her former self made me question the path I currently tread and how it’s a very dangerous road. While not drug induced, it’s still not a good road to follow.

Parting company I take a stroll along the river by the cathedral.

With nowhere to be and time to spare I find a grassy bank and plonk myself down by the river. As I watch the leaves, twigs and debris flowing along I am reminded that we are all rivers (metaphorically speaking) and our flow will always lead to one place in the end. Nothing can stop it from happening, but plenty of things can change it or even make it come to a halt for a period of time.

There was a family of ducks quietly swimming without a care in the world, surrounded by their natural habitat. I do envy these simple creatures, free of the burden of higher thought and able to live according to their instincts and nothing else.

For all our triumphs, creations, wealth and knowledge Humans are set to be the sentient beings on the planet for decades to come, but we are far from the happiest… That honour is reserved for the animals who we took this world from, yet they’re not bitter, jealous or greedy, they take only what they need to survive and eventually give it back when they depart.

I guess the secret to being happy is to accept it all.

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