One Time Over

After spending the weekend away for business there was lots of time to think and regain a sense of perspective. Each night as I sat and watched the world go by I wondered what everything was thinking as they lived out their lives in that exact moment, were they happy, sad, in denial or simply jus getting on with life and not really thinking of anything other than the enjoying the moment.

There are many times in life where we become list and struggle to more forwards, backwards or in any direction, but in the end we always find out way back to the path that has been buried by the leaves of our journey. This is often only a minor detour with a minor lesson to be learned.

In the corner I could hear vibrant chatter, it was a young woman with her new husband that peaked my curiosity. Their conversation was filled with hopeful word set on the ship of dreams, unaware of the impending rocks of reality that lay in their path but at least they would have their dreams for now.

The gleeful look of the future is a wonderful thing to see, even if it’s life is only brief.

Wandering back to the room in which I was set to reside for the lengthy duration of my stay, I am welcomed by silence and a slow setting sun seen through my one and only window. The dying light seemed to flood in to my room brighter than what it had during the day, filling every nook with every ounce of light it had left. Staring at the horizon as it disappears the final ray holds on, a flash of what I thought was green shot up into the sky and the sun disappeared.

As with everything, one second it was there and then it was gone. We should learn to understand that unlike the sun there are some things that will only come around for us once, so I guess we better see each moment for what it is and never want more because we already have enough we just need to see it.

As with the young couple that hadn’t long been betrothed, although the chatter was of things to come they were enjoying what they had because whether they realise it or not, it wouldn’t ever happen again.

Smile for what you have, it might be gone tomorrow.