Mother & Daughter

A young mother and her daughter are both sat poised and proper while drinking tea. The daughter has adopted the aura of the mother perfectly and is one of the most well behaved children I have ever seen in a coffee shop. She is polite, courteous and graceful, why can’t every child have this level of behaviour.

I find my eyes unknowingly focused on the pair as their conversation blooms, the daughter begins to show off her ballet skills as the mother looks on with pride. They both look so happy, their laughter is infectious and their smiles are both genuine and true, such a rare sight for this world these days, or perhaps it’s just because I don;t look for the good in things anymore that all I see is sadness and apathy.

She does not wear a wedding ring, perhaps she is divorced, widowed or one of the many who tried to trap a man just so she could have something that would love her unconditionally, regardless of which it is I will never know. I believe she is single because her need for a partner is now secondary in comparison to having her daughter. She now has what she always wanted and she is happy, for her it’s enough so who am I to judge another persons happiness, regardless of the means by which it was attained.

As they stand and depart I make but a moments brief eye contact with the daughter. Her smile is innocent and pure with eyes like sapphires. She waves at the man dressed all in black who she does not know and approaches without fear, handing me a slice of cake she hadn’t eaten. After smiling back I say:

“Cake for me? Thank you very much, to what do I owe this kind gesture?”

The enchanted daughter hopefully states:

“Because you looked sad. No one should ever be sad. Mummy was sad once so i gave her cake and it made her happy, so now you have cake you can be happy too.”

Her response brought tears to my eyes and made my heart cry out in silence. Sliding off my chains and kneeling down all I can say is thank you, followed by a smile for the mother. They then left before I could say anymore.

Words fail me.

Even though I am surrounded by people every hour of everyday none of them really know how I feel or what runs through my head, unless they read this blog that is. Yet a child that is untainted by the world can see right through my veneer and offer out a gift without the thought of reward to make me happy… I guess there is still hope for this world, even if it is only small and in the heart of one child.

All it takes is one person to change everything .