A Pursuing Shadow

The dreams have been tainted…

Whilst gliding through the clouds something caught my eye. It was in the futures part of my peripheral vision and every time I tried to lock it down it moved faster than I could track.

I was being pursued.

Banking sharply I descend to see if it follows, it does. With the ground approaching a mass of solid earth begins greet me, my timing was perfect. As I pull up before impact I gently touch the ground and within seconds a wall of solid stone forms behind me forged from the earth. It wasn’t enough, seconds later it’s shattered and the shadow continues to gain on me.

I needed to see what it was. Stopping immediately I reach out and grab it, holding on tight I slam it in to the floor and pin it by what I assumed was it’s neck. As the dust settled I saw a manifestation of myself entirely clocked in black staring back at me…

“Time to wake up.”

It could speak! Nothing in the dream world has ever been able to speak to me before without my initial interaction, but before I could react I felt a blade run through my abdomen, sitting bolt upright in bed and finding the nearest clock I could see my alarm seconds away from going off.

I have no idea what it was, but tonight I am going to find out and remove it from my world.

Sleeping World

Sleeping has always been a favoured pass time of mine because for as long as I can remember whenever I had had a dream I’ve been lucky enough to have full control over it. The majority of what ever dream appears to immerse my senses is subject to my will and for a short time I have the gift of creation and the power of God.

As blasphemous as my last statement sounds being abel to control your dreams is a truly empowering feeling. There is nothing you can’t do, nothing to stop you, there is only you can the realisation you can achieve from getting a second chance at reliving the special moments in life, or you can do the compete opposite and create a world you truly desire. More often than not flying is the chosen form of travel in my dreams, it’s liberating and can only be understand and described by those who’ve been able to do it.

In the unreal world creating anything is possible, to take flight all it needs is one simple step and a gentle push against the ground to shatter it and catapult me in to the sky. The wind can be felt streaming through my hair, the clouds however don’t fell like you would expect, they simply part and you rush through them.

The only part of the world that’s missing is the shadows.

I couldn’t tell you why there are no shadows, perhaps it’s a hopeful cry for everything to be bathed in light and free of the dark that follows us all or maybe it’s because I’m dreaming but who really cares.

This world of mine is pure of corruption, it is my escape, it is my true freedom.