Missing World

He was missing something but what couldn’t be explained, it couldn’t seen, felt or heard. Never the less it caused him to adopt a depressive aura which was infectious when combined with his influence. The results was those near by soon found themselves feel sad for no reason.

This man was constantly surrounded by people yet felt so alone, seemingly causing his own depression because he didn’t know how to communicate.

A common flaw.

As I sat watching with curious intent I couldn’t help but wonder why he felt so sad, for what reason could his spirit energy be so low and cold, I couldn’t help it… I wanted to know.

The skin on his face was weathered from that indicative of a sun worshiper, which had also had an effect on his hair making it much lighter than that of the relative he was with. The tone in which they talk is melancholy and laced with fear, but this is hidden quite well behind a china smile and porcelain demeanour. He hasn’t once made eye contact with his guest, perhaps it is for the best because I know not the real reason for his aloofness.

The couple finish their encounter and shortly depart.

Perhaps I read in to the situations of the world too much and look for things that aren’t really there, but either way it doesn’t really matter as they will never be a part of my like just like I will never be apart of theirs. It seems I create stories of what might be for al the random people I see during the course of a day, all to distract form the mundane existence that is my life… My life of routines, smoke and mirrors.

I find it easier to imagine and focus on a world that doesn’t exist. A world that is carved out of the morals such as Honour a moral that is long lost to this world for the most part, but it can still be found if you look for it. But amongst all the people in the world I can not be unique in this trait, there must be others who would rather become lost in their own world and free of what we call life for brief moments.

Some of us are awake in world of living dreams where we have everything that we want, yet we still escape what we have because in the end it’s never felt that what is ours is deserved.