Your World

Your world is all that matters
Nothing else comes close in importance 

You forget the rest with ease

Seeing only what pleases you

Your greed is all consuming

Soon you will be alone with nothing but your empty lifeless world.

To Protect

Her hair was fragile, her skin cracked and the scars of the past worn with pride to say that she had survived, but now it was all too much. The years had taken their toll.

With silent tears in her eyes she cries;

“All these years I’ve protected you to the beast of my ability and now it’s all been taken out of my hands.”

Abject distress echoes from her quivering voice. Her eyes become filled with sorrow as she can feel what little control she had left slipping through her fingers like sand.

Trying to walk away she realises her legs become weak, as she tries to take even one step they begin to buckle under the pressure of the unknown.

Using the wall to support her weight she catches herself and a deep gulp of air is taken to squash the emotions that are reaching the surface. Through irritated breathing and broken sound she uttered;

“It was all for nothing.”

Looking across at the one proud woman who was being crushed by the pressure of his presence he stands while moving all obstacles from his path. Gently helping her to a nearby seat he leans in close enough for her to hear;

“A wise person once told me that we must learn to accept the things we cannot change, but change the things we can and have the wisdom to know the difference between the two.”

Watching as she raises a heavy head he smiles.

“I will be ok.”

I always am. He thinks to himself as memories of troubles he had never told anyone begin to surface. The journey of his past was unseen by many but it was more than enough to prepare for everything that was to come.

Staring in to those old eyes he could see true fear and the internal struggle to accept that which she cannot change. Struggling to accept that she is now a passenger on a train heading to an unknown destination.

Through all the years she had protected him and endeavoured to keep him from harm and the true nature of the world. She tried to keep their world separate from that of the rest but reality had finally set in. She begun to realise that in the end you can’t stop life from playing out, what ever is planned will happen regardless if it’s welcome or not.

He pulls her close and holds her tight.

“Try not to worry, everything will be alright. Trust me.”