Who Knew.

Who are you staring back at me
I don’t know you
Those eyes
There’s no hint, trace or clue.

The reflection is the same
Nothing is different
Those eyes
No feeling nor sentiment.

Where have you gone
But it’s not you
Those eyes are cold
Nothing is left of the person I knew.

Fools of Men


People are fools.

Selfish fools who want nothing more then to satisfy their own desires and needs. I am not immune to this trait, in fact I am the embodiment of it.

Each day I want nothing more than to do what I want. To go where I want when I want and to be with who I want. Anyone who tries to force me in to a situation of decision will find my resilience unwavering, cold and cruel.

Like the spoilt child in a fit of rage I will not be told what to do. I will be who I want to be or fall apart trying to pretend to be something else.

We can’t run from our nature. It’s integral to our survival and to deny it’s primal lust would lead to our own oblivion and eternal sorrow.

As with the dog chasing it’s own tail there is no reason, it’s just reality.

To want to change your own identity, your own internal mechanisms, you own meaning for anything other than your desire is doomed to fail. We never change, we only change what we want at the time and many people won’t understand this which is why we seem so selfish when we’re only following the rules of that which we are.

People are fools.

But my friends I’m the biggest fool, for I was trying to please all of you.

Paid & Unspoken

The soul hath a shattered mind,
Tattered and broken,
Time after time.

On this token,
The debt is paid,
Words unspoken.

Choices made,
Better start walking,
Here starts the brutal cascade.

No more talking,
Moving on,
Walls are falling.

I hear it calling,
Lets leave behind the world that’s stalling.

Sands of Freedom


As the foot creeps towards the edge broken pebbles and sand tip over the edge. The pebbles fall like tear drops without sound while the sand is caught on the wind and taken away to a place it’s never seen.

How I wish I could be that sand caught on the wind, free to travel on a whim. Sands caught in the gusts do not stay together, they scatter in to a thousand fragments and go their separate ways not knowing where they will end up or when.

This freedom, this opportunity, the reality… I want it all.