A Layer Once Removed

Being reminded of ones mortality provides a healthy does of reality. It serves to show you that there are something’s you can out run no matter how fast you are, or how hard you try. 

This is the first time today I’ve been alone with my thoughts. The main one running through my head is gratifying yet unwelcome… It is the one thought I would rather be without.

‘I was right…. Again.’

My attitude towards a great many things serves to infuriate a lot of people. They scorn me and see my confidence as arrogance, my certainty as foolishness and an unwavering will as simply being stubborn. Being right almost all the time can be quiet the burden, especially after the events of today because on this occasion I wished I was wrong.

Although my issues are not as sever as they could be the chances of them escalating increases as each day passed by. Unfortunately for me I will have to wait to find out any more, or should I say find out what I already know and be told the the course of action I have already anticipated.

I can see people reading this post and thinking to themselves “What rubbish. He doesn’t always know what’s best.”… In the eyes of experience I know there is only one possible route of success, but I shall have to jump through their hoops to get this answer from them.

Society is progressively becoming more and more backwards. The unimportant is considered priority because of those who cry wolf and the important is ignored because it is seen as paranoia. This is how the world works, people abuse the system and get away with it, leaving those who need it to suffer and pick up the slack.

I will carry on as normal, pushing the situation as far to the back of my mind as possible, I shall wait. In that time I can prepare myself for the impending slander, the accusations and unthinking comments of people who’ve barely evolved past Neanderthal.

Stopping at the end of the road and looking back over my shoulder, I can see a scene that I’ve seen a thousand times before. This time however I am able to witness it with yet another layer of filter removed, the colours are brighter and the picture shaper than ever before, but with that clarity I can see not only that which would be noticed… I am also forced to witness all the imperfections that I couldn’t see before. I can never unsee what I have now seen. 

It’s time for a new chapter in the story once again. A chapter filled with lessons and those qualities that make us ever more humble.