Stripped Away

Stripped Away:

With the wings stripped away and the heavens abridged
The time draws ever closer and you must leave
You cannot stay

Heat, unimaginable heat awaits you
Sinking in to the depths end over end
Flesh searing under white hot fire

Never meant to belong.

Calming Heat

The heat continues to soar and reach new heights not unlike that of the underworld, too many are complain about this heat instead of embracing it. They run for cover and shade, afraid of nature’s gift and unwilling to accept it where as I accept it and I am going to tell you why.

I have always found myself welcomed by the sun, soothed by its heat and calmed by its presence. Even at its peak I endure and allow the rays to engulf my body and strengthen my mind, this sun helps develop a force of will, an ability to push through no matter how extreme. The sun is not my enemy, it is my essence.

The cold chill of the winter months will be a welcome change but those who ran from the sun will also run from the frost too.

Mother Nature’s elements are a reminder of how we only borrow life on this planet and what is borrowed must be given back in the end. The advancements in modern society are something to marvel but we are constantly taking from this earth and eventually that debt will need to be repaid, be it by the second coming of a prehistoric age or our eventual extinction.

Everything returns to the earth, there are no exceptions.

Tomorrow is fast approaching, part of my debt is due and i wonder what the cost will be.

Distractions have been welcome but vagrant thoughts are becoming much harder to subdue and control. Matters are not helped by those who think they’re helping when in fact they are making things worse, causing more unwanted issues and the need for explanation. It seems my antics of the past came at great cost to me, both physically and mentally. The funniest part is for all of my efforts some see them as fake, this truly disappoints me but it does give me a glimpse of their thought process and how they see things.

I find it funny how one simple statement can play on your mind over and over again when normally it would have been brushed off without a second thought. This shows the impact some people can have on your life, the power we allow people to hold can be quite frightening when you think about it.

There is no privacy in the world anymore, nowhere you can go to find calm unless like myself you do not fear the elements. This is the only time I can be alone because this is the only time people can’t be near me because they can’t endure a little discomfort. That is why I welcome the heat and the cold.