Watching the sun slowly disappearing in to the distance creates the most peaceful ambiance. The colours in the sky are soft yet their clarity is magnificent, they flow gracefully in to one another, blended yet distinguishable. It’s truly a wonderful sight to behold.

Today is one of liberation for many, equality is spreading, slowly but surely.

I personally miss most of what is going on in the world, rarely watching the news because of its typical depressing nature, but today it was different. People around the world were united in celebration and will be long in to the early hours of tomorrow, perhaps this will be the topic of conversation for some time to come, either way it keeps people happy.

Time passes by and I find myself wondering less about what we are told by the giant that is the media and more about what we aren’t. The global news room has the power to unite or divide entire nations with something a simple as a few words, this time it seems they’ve opted for peace, that is until whatever we are being distracted form is resolved.

I wish to take nothing away from the liberated of today, but I can’t help but wonder what else is going on in the world, or what else is being set in motion to derail the common sense of the unanimous population. It’s funny, we are the common dominator of the world, equality should be held by everyone equally but it isn’t. Only those with power deem who is equal and indeed when too. We, the lower classed people of the world are the ones with the most influence but none seem to see it.

The world is a corrupt place. People should feel the need to be something they’re not because of the prejudice and ignorance that still largely remains, but that is not likely to happen.

Today is a good day, I wish everyday were more like it. No fighting, no riots, no victims, no problems…

The sun has almost set completely, the children are still dancing in the street, lit by the light that remains, it’s good to see. There are very days like this one, there are few days where people feel safe enough to let it all go and have fun anymore, I wonder if it was like this before humans gained sufficient consciousness to establish the hierarchy of order?

I would like to think that one day everyday will be just as this one, peaceful and without worry.