Ash & Embers

As the mind does wonder, the heart aches. We begin to feel unworthy of what we have, like the great pretenders of the world

We can not prevent it, just like we can’t stop the sun from setting, all we can do is listen to what it feels and silently cry because somethings, some feelings are never meant to be happy ones. They are meant to remind us that in the end we all have endured and there will be more suffering.

There are those who will never really understand why they feel this way, but it’s ok. Just remember you’re never really alone, there will always be someone somewhere that is in the same place as you, silently crying while they stare up at the stars.

If you take the thought with you, you won’t feel as sad anymore, no matter where you are or how far away people might feel, know this; they share the same thoughts.

Last night, this morning, today… they are all a blended blur to me. The end result is a variable struggle to form a cohesive thought pattern. I struggle to keep a focus on anything for more than half an hour, lethargy has sent it without any warning.

A Dance of Embers and Ash:

If you were to stare as a fire that has burnt out you would be forgiven for thinking that there is no life left in it. The surface value of what we can see is all many will ever need to know to make their judgments and choices.

What would happen if you were to touch the ash?

On the surface it might be cold, soft and safe, but… plunge your hand a little deeper and you will find at its core there is still life. If you were to kick the ashes apart you would see the glowing embers, the remnants of what was once a mighty fire. It is in these embers that the potential to reignite what once was alive, it’s potential is preserved in the core, all that is needed is fuel for the fire. The give of life to once again allow the fire to rage.

The world is strewn with the ash of the past. It’s all that’s left of those once glorious fires and now all it does to dance with the wind drifting from place to place with no hope of reigniting. Unable to find the fuel they needed the ashes only option left was to become a memory scattered on the wind.