Balance & Ruin

Balance and ruin
To that which we blindly obey
Harmony must be preserved

Ignore the scream of the helpless
Abandon free will
Harmony must be preserved

Extinguish the flames of opposition
Follow your orders blindly
Harmony must be preserved

I oppose your rule
I renounce you
Harmony is your subjugated rule

They come for me
Unforgivable crimes must be punished…
The traitor must die.

Could There Be More:

A trip for a routine check has potentially lead me in to treading murky waters, I’m sure there is nothing massively serious wrong but all will be reviled soon enough.

I can feel mounting concern from those around me, perhaps I should have gone for the check up sooner but it doesn’t matter now because what’s done is done, all anyone can do now is wait.

The trip this morning might not have brought the best of news, but the gathered knowledge and experience of watching how people behave in such an environment was very interesting and valuable.

While I was sat in the waiting room there were people of all ages, genders and race sat waiting with me. I was watching them all with ferocious curiosity. The old scowled at the young, the young glared at those of different race and those of different race didn’t seem to care what was going on.

A common theme among the crowd was one akin to each of them being made of glass. As they stood to follow their designated practitioner all of them moved so slowly, like they were trying to avoid and form of impact for the fear of permanent injury, it was fascinating to observe. It would appear the ego of the mind truly does exaggerate the extend of ones illness.

There was one person though, perched like a gargoyle on top a roof with a hunched stature with tattered clothes and feral hair who timed their outbursts perfectly to coincide with any doctor or member of staff who walked past the waiting room. They acted as if they required special treatment because they felt an unjust oppression because they had to wait.

My name was called, I was met with a bitter stare from the gargoyle and a mutter of profanities. I have no idea why they were there, I can only imagine the amount of disease they could be riddled with, or perhaps they were simply their just to kill time during the day, either way neither potential truth would have surprised me.

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