The more we think the worse a situation is likely to get. The self imposed paranoia will slowly eat away at the mind and cause cracks to appear, but when the world if filled with evidence to the contrary it becomes painfully clear that something isn’t right. I guess being bale to forget can be a blessing.

It’s the early hours of the morning again, no longer do I struggle to wake up. When the sun rises and my dreams end, they have been vivid in their nature but not without their uses, the ideas that have spawned from recent times have been useful.

I wish I understood dreams more. Why do we dream the way we do?

Do dreams have any real meaning or are they just a collection of random thoughts and memories strung together by our subconscious?

The psychological aspect of how the mind works has always fascinated me, however, during the times we are awake it’s fair to say we can control our thoughts to a degree and create some kind of cohesion in our thought process. When we are asleep though, I feel that is the time we are really honest with ourselves, nothing is held back and while we can’t really place anything more than the word ‘random’ onto a dream I can’t help but wonder what else is there. If we could record our dreams each night and play back the fragmented images I wonder what we would see.

Unrealised truths and desire, answers to the unanswerable or perhaps something more, something of deeper meaning…

I’m sure the answers will be reviled to me someday.

Sat here typing away the students arrive, completely unaware on what path awaits them on their journey. I wish I could give them my consciousness so that they would understand how hard they will have to work to achieve, but no matter how I explain it there is no substitute for first hand experience. They will listen but as with many before them, they think they will become the exception when in fact they are the rule.

The world is filled with rules and exceptions to those rules, but the exceptions to the rules of the average become the rules of the exceptional, just as the exceptional become the rule to the legendary.

It’s an ever increasing circle because there is no exception to the rule, there is only deeper and more complex layers to the original rule.