The time is not long after dawn, I don’t seen another soul on my journey but as fate would have it I’m not the only one who is awake at this hour. A rage filled message finds its way to me, filled with malice from what once was an old friend.

How dare I write about a conversation we had, how dare I exercise my own free will and point of view; how dare I.

My most recent post caused a nerve to be hit, the result was not their concession to giving up on their dream, rather the have now given up on me. It’s funny, I never relied on them, yet they feel this turn of events will somehow have a great impact on my life when in all honesty it won’t.

The strangest thing is that this reaction only confirms what I had written, the ego is strife with fear. My words may have been harsh, but the message was not malicious, I only hoped for them not to give upon their dream as they had done before.

Holding a mirror of what I see to ones face can not always guarantee the reaction will be a pleasant one.

I guess that we don’t really know people as well as we thought, though I never professed to have an in-depth knowledge of her inner being. I merely comment on the external persona. Still, life goes on and people go down different paths, but I wonder if she will ever fulfil her dream?

Knowledge I will never attain, but never the less, I wish her well, all I can do now as she so aptly put it is to have a nice existence. Clearly having a nice life is only meant for people, not monsters like me.

Breaking The Tension:

The tension in the room is thick and suffocating.

All of the hopefuls are frantically working to answer their questions in time, clawing at the pages to check and double check what they have written. Their fear is unwarranted for I have watched them grow through the process, each developing his or her unique strengths and build a solid foundation of knowledge.

The task at hand for many in this room is a life changing one, once this is complete they will be one step closer to a new life, one step closer to their dream, I can understand their anxiety because I was once in the same position. While I had many jobs before my career I used them as mere stepping stones while I gather my experience, these fledgelings have the rare opportunity to start their dream career from the beginning.

I have faith they will all do well.


I am awake
She still sleeps
I am awake
She dreams of horror
I am awake
She struggles to rest
I am awake
She calms as I hold her
I am awake
I am awake

Breaking the Mould:

They yearn to learn
Take the first step without being told
They yearn to earn
Moving away from the norm and breaking the mould.

Young, carefree and eyes of hope
A new life of work and play
The pressure will mount, I prey they cope
Work hard they must, if in this life they want to stay.