Knowing Hope

I told someone today that like myself she gets stuck in a loop, u like mine hers is one of unfinished business.

Her response was short and snappy;

“Says you, Mr I’ve gotten to my highest level in boxing or dance so I shall quit.”

I accept those comments, however I reached my desired goals. Once I reach my goal I become bored and seek a new challenge, but considering her slight outburst I am lead to believe her ego was in danger.

I pressed on and made more provoking statements, simply stating that some people make it work.

Her response;

“I’m not some people”

Words said with a sharp tongue.

I clearly hit a nerve and wounded her ego. While my intentions are not malicious, her response spoke more than words ever could.

Once again she is preparing to forgo her dream, from the outsiders perspective it appears that times have once again become tough and the knee jerk response is to give up.

The worst part is I have faith, but my words will mean little because it seems her mind is made up.

Alas, perhaps it will be different this time. Maybe she will become ‘some people’ rather than join the crowd of ‘everyone else’.

I enjoy watching people succeed, it just seems they lack the necessary faith and patience to stay the course. Though I suppose I have no real place to comment considering I’m not a parent.

I shall quietly stay in the background, watching from afar. Waiting in hope that she will break the loop of which she is ensnared.


To know how to handle another person is a skill few possess and even less can acquire.

Over time I have heard countless people cry. They all let it go and fall apart, with no hesitation or regret to show that side of themselves, a side so vulnerable, so fragile, so weak. The amount of trust I must amass in such a short time is clearly an honour, but until the realise life never really change, they will always end up back in the same situation.

I don’t want to remember the last time I let everything go, that feeling of complete helplessness is not anything I desire. Those who have been close tell me I am like stone when confronted with situations of emotion, cold, unmoving, emotionless and blank, those are but a few words to describe my detachment from situations of that ilk.

I’ve forgotten what it is to cry…

I forgotten what it is to feel anything anymore…

Anything other than nothing.