Morning Thoughts

The moment the sun broke the horizon I awoke, perched on the edge of my bed staring into the distance. As the sun took to the sky I watched the world come to life right before my eyes and briefly remember what it felt like to be alive.

The nocturnal animals catch their first glimpse and run in terror, possibly for the fear of the predators that target their kind. They scurry toward their homes, disappearing in to the roots of trees and the cracks along the walls they find safety in their home.

Birds begin to make their way out of their nests and take flight, I envy them so. To be able to fly would allow me the freedom I so desire, or at least I think it would, but if I had the ability to fly without assistance where would I go, what would I do?

Would I really be free?

Would I fly away from it all?

These thoughts stay with me as I go about my daily routine.

As I arrive at the familiar place of safety I see the same faces as before, but now they are unaware of my presence, it’s amazing how you can make yourself invisible. The mirrors hold interesting reflections, the sly flirting of a married woman and a boastful bro, the trainer looking around in boredom as he works, the mindless caught in the endless trap of looking for something more that isn’t their.

Sitting in this room surrounded by people who don’t know me yet judge my every word is very interesting. The lead decides to ask probing questions about anything I have given as a gift, I struggle to answer because what they see as gifts I see as daily life, there is no special occasion for what I give people, there is no reason and no end goal or want of reciprocation. I give people strength, I listen to them time and again, I shoulder their burdens and help spread their load all in the hope that they will be ok.

I would have many believe that I am selfish, uncaring and cold, when the truth is the opposite.

What would my gift be Barbara asked.

Strength would be the answer, but none of them would understand why, so i shall keep my gift a secret because even when I bestow it upon those who need it, they never know.