Books Galore

After a conversation this morning with Sabiscuit ( I started to realise something.

For many people it doesn’t matter if their opinion is accepted by hundreds of thousands or by just one person, as long as it’s accepted.

Humans by nature are pack animals. In times of need we huddle together to survive the impending trouble, it is in this group we find comfort, it is in this group we devote our lives and sacrifice our sense of individuality.

It is in this group we allow ourselves to be assimilated in to the collective brain.  

I guess for some people it’s enough to be apart of something else, to lose individuality.

But, what they forget is that only the strong survive because they make sacrifices at the expense of the group.


I haven’t read a book in years, I came to realise this while looking at my bookshelf. In today’s world we don’t have any need to make a choice on which book we take with us, we can have them all at the mere touch of a button.
My books have been sorted on kindle for several years now, no matter where I am they always come with me and have been a gift at relieving boredom on more than one occasion. But I wonder if the fact that because books are now electronic they have lost a part of their wonder?

I remember the days when the excitement of turning was almost too much, those days when we had to stop ourselves skipping ahead because we could see the forthcoming chapters teasing us to sneak a peak. Now though it’s a simple swipe of the screen, there doesn’t seem to be the same intent need to look ahead anymore… Perhaps it’s because there are no pager to look forwards too, only the same screen and different words to stare at.

It pleases me though to look though my books and know that I have read them all. To know what is contained in each of them and how they have helped me grow and learn over the years. If you’re wondering what my books consist of I’m afraid you may be disappointed, but I shall let you in and tell you regardless.

My books are those of the mind and the body.

Anatomy, Psychology, Body Language, Business, Poetry and Philosophy. Not quite what some would consider exciting, but they have helped my to no end, once you understand how it all works you are better suited to help yourself and the others around you.

Stories are fun, but the best story is the one we live each day and the more we know the more detailed it becomes.