One Click Wonder

Just one click is all it takes these days to become famous.

That simple sharing of a post, video, GIF or blog and you become a star overnight. Long gone are the days of the self made millionaire, now is the reign of electronic epiphany.

I wonder how many struggle each day to get themselves noticed on sites such as Instagram,
You Tube, Twitter, Vine, Facebook and countless more. Their numbers must be in hundreds, thousands or millions I would guess.

The fate for many of those wanting hopefuls is only to become a star in their own universe. To be revered by their following but nothing more than a leave caught on the wind in the eyes of the world, largely unnoticed but always there in the background.

Is that so bad though?

Just think of all the people who have become a sensation, they have broken the natural law of progression and achieve their 15min of fame but just like a match their light only lasts so long. Shortly after the mob has had its fill they seek something better and more spectacular, therefore the short lived internet star is cast aside like an unwanted toy and forgotten.

True enough some hold the attention of the sheep a little longer than their predecessors, but eventually they too lose their shine and fade away in to the background.

Many of the short lived sensations try desperately to get back even a fraction of their fame, but sadly they never do. Years pass and they struggle to see why they couldn’t have made it like one of the Kardashians, or found fame like Bieber. They just can’t understand they WHY, but I do.

Would you like me to tell you what the ominous WHY is?

Ok, I will.

The reason why some will always stay in the limelight is down to one simple fact; they have as many people hate as the do adore them, this is why they sustain their fame. This is how they become immortal for lack of a better word.

It is true that there are many people in the world that are loved far more than they are hated, but those are the people who have built fame over time and hard work. The secret to the sustained internet success is hate. The fans will start the initial tsunami, but it is the haters that will continue to make waves long after the initial impact has dissipated.

So for all those who want to know, the secret to fame isn’t friends, it’s enemies.


9 thoughts on “One Click Wonder

    • I am saying negative attention speaks far louder and far wider than good attention.

      If people see something they like, they might share it, but that’s about it. If people are offended or don’t like something they will share it out of spite, they will then also share other content and slate it off, thus creating more coverage.

      What are your thoughts on this subject?

      • I think you’re brilliant G. I’ve always understood that any attention is good for the person profiting. As it is simply a form of energy. I remember once telling a group of commenters that if they met x celebrity in person, they’d be dumbstruck and praise her beauty. Of course, I was told off, but these people know what they are doing. They act out just to generate buzz when in real life they are probably the most soft spoken persons you’ll ever meet. Madonna is one such person. People forget that about her.

      • Agreed.

        This is where I feel people are like coins and you can only see one side at a time. That said, people will show you what they want you to see.

        I have found a persons true colours only come out when they are drunk or PISSED THE HELL OFF. Children are the exception to this rule, they are always themselves because they haven’t yet had to endure societal imposed prejudice or the influence of the ‘group’.

        A sad truth of the world, but one that will always be.

      • It’s too sad that we are forced to wear masks, but this is exactly why marketing ploys work on us and why we gawk at people we dislike and try to emulate them. Even if we don’t want to be them, we want to be better, and we use the same tools they do. It’s so easy to sell a dream that seems really simple to attain.

      • That is the power of influence. The people who understand how the simple mind of the mob works can achieve anything.

        At least the world has internet warriors like us to put it right, lol.

        The funny thing is we can be who we want to be, we just choose to be what is most convenient.

      • Amen to this: “We just choose to be what is most convenient.” Often, I have to tell myself that it’s not up to me to convince anyone of anything. When I get annoyed is when that nonsense is forced on me by people who have forgotten how to think. x

      • To us it is no sense but sadly to them it is gospel. They have become so reliant on what doesn’t matter they have forgotten there’s life outside of their opinion. X

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