People have important things taken away from them everyday, they learn to deal with it and move on because even if you don’t life does.

When we identify so heavily with something we soon come to rely on it. It becomes our safe house, our shield, our life. Things like these can be important for creating the world we want to live in, but when they are lost, or even taken from us by uncontrollable circumstances we rapidly lose faith, our strength diminishes and we become mere shadows.

Can we avoid this?


We can only embrace it, for no matter how hard you try, eventually everything you hold dear will be taken from you, life has taught me that lesson several times over.

Just make sure you’re ready, one day you will lose it all.

Falling Ash:

She smiles, while she holds back tears.

I can do nothing but watch as her visage slowly fades away, it breaks apart in front of my very eyes and disperses like ashes caught in the wind. My heart aches.

She reaches out, I too reach back, but for all my efforts at wasted because the moment we touch it’s as if hand turns to dust in mine, all I can see is the cascade travels up hear arm… there isn’t much time left.

She smiles with a soft tear running down her face, she knows this is the last time I will see her. In our final moments our eyes do not part, I hold her stare as long as I can because I know the next time I blink will be the last.

I can feel my eyes straining, I can’t hold on any longer…


She says. I blink and then, just like that, she was gone.

I had lost my sight, but I will forever hold her memory in my heart, for nothing could ever take that away from me.


Head pounding, vision blurred, hearing dulled, taste nullified and smell removed. There is nothing, only nothing… always nothing.

Thoughts can’t be formed for the memory has been stripped away, all that is left is desperation. You know you’re alive, unable to speak out and cry for help, you are living in the void of existence, not of this world or the next.

Caught in limbo with no distinction of time, this is your punishment for my unspeakable crime.