Another 400 Random Words

Requiems Folly

The dust has settled, the air holds a beautiful silence and all they can see is a me… lying there, lifeless and pale with a sword through my chest, I had lost.

I can see their faces. The look of horror on each one is something I will never forget, not even in the next life. As I stare at my own corpse and the victorious barbarian standing over me, I feel no regret for my actions because order had to be opposed.

A foolish dream I had.

To bring order to chaos, it is like trying to cage the sun, those stupid enough to try lose everything.

What is this I can see reaching for me.

A hand?

Dare I take the hand and ascend to the heavens… Will I be turned away at the gates of judgement or welcomed by his lord, our god. The who’s tradition I justly opposed.
I can take this hand and take the chance or let recoil back to the clouds whence it came. The choice should be easy, but again I hesitate, just as before.

Broken Walls

If the words were only half true, that would have been enough…Instead there is nothing left but the ashes.

Everything tastes so bitter, the sky always seems dull, the water murky and the winds cold can be felt to the bone.

They stood strong for so long, nigh impenetrable, beyond the understanding of mere mortals. Nothing could ever get through, nothing could ever get out. It was a lonely but safe place, there was only that which was needed, no more, no less. Now though, that has all changed.

Force did not work, words did not work, that which is sacred did not work; nothing worked and now the only thing left to see, is broken walls.


Step, Step, Step, one after the other, with no destination or purpose. Each step takes him away from it all and closer to the castle, but the castle always seem just one step too far.

The wandering soul does not rest, he does not tire, he does not stop.

Every new path give birth to new memories, they help keep the sanity. The flowers that bloom go unpicked, he only admires them, even with his blood soaked hands he understands that their beauty will not last and must be appreciated.

Nothing ever lasts forever.