It’s Raining Again

It’s raining again, they all look so sad…

Heads are down, umbrellas are up, their clothes are thick and warm. The young rush past the old plashing them with water from the puddles on the ground. The old look disgusted, I guess they have forgotten what it once was to be a child.

Through them all my eye is caught by a lonely person struggling to cross the road, a man I saw quite often. He walks with a limp, each step requires more effort than the last but no one stops to help him… Not even me. I have offered aid to this man before and was met with rejection, he didn’t need my help he said, he didn’t need anyones help.

He reminds me of myself. Always willing to help where ever possible, but never wanting help in return, the worst debt a man can have is one of gratitude because it can never be fully repaid, now one wants to be indebted for eternity, that is why people like you and me will always be alone.

Finally he reaches his destination after his long struggle, then suddenly he drops to the floor like a lifeless rag doll and still no one goes to his aid. I left my belonging unattended to go to him, mere seconds had passed and I was by his side. His eyes where bearly open but he saw me, the half of his face that hadn’t dropped had a reminiscent smile, one final breathe was taken and it was all over.

I did not know this man, but I was the last person he ever saw.

While I knew there was nothing to be done someone had called the emergency services and the arrived not long after me. I wasn’t the only one who saw his struggle, but I was the only one who went out in to the rain. I leave the paramedics to their work as they frantically try everything they can to remove the hand of the reaper.

Leaving the scene I went back to my belonging, they were still there… Nothing had moved, nothing was touched, in fact I doubt anyone noticed I was even gone; or did they?

Humans are interesting creatures. We will do anything for our own, but nothing for others unless there is a benefit. When did we become so distant?


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