Impending Purge

There are those who take offence at the simplest of things. A gesture, phrase, saying or act. It doesn’t matter the context in which it is held, they will find a way to take offence.

Such is the nature of our world now.

If we could see what isn’t there, red tape would cover the skyline, pave the streets, surround the ‘weak’ and ‘discriminated’ to protect them. 

Does anyone really need protecting though? 

Has our world become so sensitive that nothing can now be taken in jest?

Social justice warriors and their kin fight the good fight. Or so they think…

While their intentions are good, wrapping the world and all it’s people in cotton wool, sterilising the scene and the ever growing fear of ‘getting dirty’ is slowly but surely leading us in to trouble. 

If everything continues to be kept clean, sterile and pure, it won’t take long for a crippling virus to sweep across the lands in a sanctimonious purge.

I pray I won’t live to see that day.

The day chaos cripples harmony and we meet the same fate as the dinosaurs.