What Lay Beneath.

Though I am not the strongest, fastest, smartest, most selfless or benevolent, I am honest to a fault and it causes me no end of troubles.

Honesty have never been the best policy. Who really wants the truth when it’s far easier to believe a convenient lie?

No one.

I was sat listening to a conversation today between two feminists. While both had fiery passion in their voices, the conversation was one of discrimination and prejudice, I fond the irony quite amusing.

It struck me that people want you to believe they’re as pure as freshly laid snow, but they forget that although the snow may portray a perfect image, it is what lies beneath that provides the substance and support of that image. Thus, the image can only be supported for so long before it melts away and we are able to see the truth.

Having an opinion is not wrong, nor is having a different opinion for that of your acquaintances, friends and even family. This is what gives us our individuality, our character, both good and bad. So why do so many try to hide what they are?

Fear is the only answer I can find, but perhaps I can’t see past the history of my life for anything else.

I believe we all live in fear to some form or lesser degree.

The fear of failure
The fear of achievement
The fear of persecution
The fear of loss
The fear of judgement
The fear of letting those in need down
The fear of not being what we pretend to be…

When the world around us is in flames and the black ash covers the ground for miles to see, this is when we will truly know what scares us. Will we fear the raging inferno and the life it will take from us, or do we fear surviving the blaze and having nothing to live for.

Death or Life.

Which will you fear?

4 thoughts on “What Lay Beneath.

  1. I think most people are just afraid of themselves. It’s interesting you should refer to feminists being “fake” because this is generally something I’ve always found puzzling. The judgemental behaviours of people who have their own stuff going on. There’s mud under the snow and even though it’s not fair to dig it up, sometimes it’s just what is needed to help put situations into perspective. x

    • Agreed. I often find those who are acting like the archetypal saint are often hiding some rather dark secrets.

      However, who am I to judge. I have my fair share of skeletons too. I have 3 in fact, a Big Skeleton, a Little Skeleton and a Dog Skeleton.

      • You’re funny. I put my skeletons out there because it’s better not to aspire to pedestals. I’d rather people deal with what’s there. It’s crazy though the level of fakery. That’s why on occasion, I like to call a person out. This post was a great read and thank you.

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